CiTOS-Alysophil partnership

Alysophil is pleased to announce the signature of a partnership with the Center for Integrated Technology and Organic Synthesis (CiTOS) at the Liege’s university (Belgium, led by Prof. Jean-Christophe Monbaliu. This partnership will contribute to Alysophil’s development in continuous flow processes. Alysophil has chosen to get the most of flow processes by combining developments with artificial intelligence tools. This is how we can offer innovative solutions for the production of molecules, reaching new industrial performance standards.


Molecule for the cosmetic market

Alysophil is developing a new way of producing an essential component of cosmetics. The objective is to find a safer process while reducing production costs by guaranteeing the same quality as the products currently on the market.

New fragrance

Alysophil’s research has highlighted a growing need for a natural fragrance, whose production does not match demand and where there is a high environmental impact. Our R&D team has begun work to characterize the molecule behind this fragrance. This project should lead to a synthetic perfume based on biosourced materials, implemented by a continuous process, with a low environmental footprint, delivering a biomimetic product.


Alysophil Top 500

Alysophil worldwide top 500 startups !

Alysophil presented its vision of a new industrial chemistry as part of the Hello Tomorrow challenge. Among 4500 applications, Alysophil was selected in the Top 500, which shows the interest to our solutions to current and future societal needs.