Flow chemistry empowered by artificial intelligence

Our vision

To propose molecules to meet the needs of our partners using biomimetic solutions based on artificial intelligence, flow chemistry and biosourced materials.

Our activity

Every day, at Alysophil, we design and produce high value-added molecules to meet the needs of our partners. How? By using biomimetic solutions based on artificial intelligence, flow chemistry and biosourced materials.

Our laboratory is notably able to :

  • Identify new molecules
  • Propose new ways of original synthesis
  • Produce molecules
  • Develop continuous processes
  • Help our partners to integrate continuous production into their units

Our technologies

Discover how the pairing of Artificial Intelligence and Flow Chemistry revolutionizes the chemical industry

Our markets

Cosmetics, Defense, Flavors and Fragrances or other fields where high-performance molecules are needed, our solutions have already attracted manufacturers from all horizons. Come and discover how to change the rules of your market

Who are we ?

At the origin of Alysophil’s adventure, an observation was made. On the one hand, we have a growing demand for more and more sophisticated chemicals. On the other hand, human beings are increasingly averse to risks, which is all the more true for the chemical industry. Fortunately, technology is advancing and providing solutions to address this dilemma. The Alysophil team, composed of experts in their field, proposes solutions for implementing a new industrial chemistry. The pillars of our technology are continuous chemistry, artificial intelligence and synthesis from biosourced materials.

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have told me faster horses."

Henry Ford

Our partners

They support us

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Alysophil trains ECPM students

Convinced of the interest of strengthening university-enterprise links, Alysophil and the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials (ECPM) naturally came together to envisage a

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Alysophil attended at the Flow Chemistry Europe conference which took place at Cambridge (UK), in the charming setting of the Wellcome Genome Conference Centre in

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