An unique approach to chemical production that meets the challenges of tomorrow


Alysophil’s research and development team, in partnership with university laboratories, has all the skills to characterize a molecule and define the most effective synthesis.

The definition of the manufacturing process is largely based on flow chemistry, made possible by the integration of this technology from the very beginning of synthetic research.

The development of artificial intelligence solutions is carried out in-house. Each solution is unique in order to best meet the identified need.


The industrial implementation of the research work is carried out by Alysophil’s teams using existing equipment on the market. This approach makes the process more reliable and reduces its implementation. Flow reactors allow for a staged seamless of scale, which allows rapid adaptation to demand. The automation of the installations is supported by deep neural networks giving autonomy to the processes, increasing safety and improving quality.


Flow chemistry and artificial intelligence bring a new paradigm for the chemical industry. This is why Alysophil not only delivers a product, but also proposes the implementation of these tools to its partners.


AI Collaborative Project

Alysophil develops a tool to drive a production unit in flow chemistry

Biomimetic fragrance

Alysophil is working on the synthesis of a new fragrance by getting as close as possible to what nature provides. Our approach is similar to biomimetism


Alysophil carries out research for the transposition of the manufacture of intermediate molecules of energetic materials into a continuous process

European Project for Space Conquest

Alysophil is participating in a European collaborative project for the implementation of drug production during the next space travel to Moon and Mars. The solution will be based on Alysophil's skills in continuous process and artificial intelligence.