About Alysophil

Chemistry is enabling humanity to make progress in all fields, from materials to health. Request increases, the applications are growing, while a trend towards risk aversion is developing in populations (environment, health risk, safety, scarcity of raw materials, etc.), leading to more ambitious regulations and constraints than in other industries.

Even though industrial processes have made huge progress in terms of safety and efficiency, their design has remained basically the same.

For several years now, new technological solutions have been emerging that will revolutionize the way molecules are produced.

Alysophil is part of this change to offer innovative solutions for the good of humanity.

Our principles

Risk aversion by populations requires high level of safety and environmental protection that must be placed before any other elements in Alysophil's operations.
The relationship between people is at the heart of a group performance. This is how we must work together with empathy, respect, courage, kindness, but also demanding and fair.
Break new grounds
The core of Alysophil's mission: to innovate by proposing new molecules or new ways of producing with a positive impact on its ecosystem
To progress, our company and our team will need to continuously sharpen their skills through learning. This learning will be done through feedback, technological monitoring, openness to new ideas, and attending to specific courses.
The key word that must guide our actions is frugality. This principle allows us to have a reduced environmental footprint while being competitive.
The search for customer satisfaction is an imperative, but even more we must be a company with which it is easy to do business
Finally, each person participating in this adventure will have to feel pleasure in the daily accomplishments.