About Alysophil

Chemistry is enabling humanity to make progress in all fields, from materials to health. Request increases, the applications are growing, while a trend towards risk aversion is developing in populations (environment, health risk, safety, scarcity of raw materials, etc.), leading to more ambitious regulations and constraints than in other industries.

Even though industrial processes have made huge progress in terms of safety and efficiency, their design has remained basically the same.

For several years now, new technological solutions have been emerging that will revolutionize the way molecules are produced.

Alysophil is part of this change to offer innovative solutions for the good of humanity.


Philippe Robin

CEO and co-founder
The transformation is at the centre of Philippe’s curiosity. It takes various forms: transformation of matter, organizations, technologies, and professions.
After getting his chemical engineering Master’s Degree in Nancy, he worked in various operational functions in major chemical industry groups, then moved on to management positions in France and the United States. His career path has enabled him to manage large-scale technological projects and to implement innovative change management practices. He gradually became convinced that new technologies would transform the world of this industry. It is in this capacity that he embarked on the Alysophil adventure. His motto: Give meaning, lead, surpass oneself.

Luc Brunet

Co-Founder in charge of R&D
New technologies and especially their hybridization are of great interest to Luc. Having led industrial R&D teams and then a cluster of companies in the field of risk management, he founded R&D Médiation in 2014 to participate in the development of deeptechs. Co-founder of Alysophil, he is working to integrate breakthrough technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, currently in full development in processes and chemistry, and is convinced that our era has characteristics in common with the Renaissance and that we need to place ourselves in this state of mind.
His motto: Explore the possible… for a start.

Alexandrine Zelazo Robin

Co-Founder in charge or administrative matters
Alexandrine has spent a large part of her career in the medical field. First in a hospital setting and then by running her own liberal nursing practice. At a certain point in her life, she wanted to take on new professional challenges. She became interested in Alysophil’s vision and offered her participation to help the company grow by taking over the administrative tasks. She is passionate, organised and dynamic. Her motto: There is always a solution.

Elena Salvadeo

Research engineer, PhD in Chemistry
Curious by nature, Elena is passionate about chemistry and its contribution to progress. During her studies and thesis in chemistry, she studied in depth the themes of bio-inspired and sustainable chemistry, with its applications in the field of catalysis. As an R&D engineer at Alysophil since November 2018, she works on the design of innovative chemical processes using the assets of flow chemistry.

Laure Gilles

Research engineer, on going PhD study
Ever since her discovery of scientific research, and in particular the world of scents and perfumes, Laure has never stopped looking for subjects in which she could fully blossom. After her chemical engineering Master’s Degree in Strasbourg, it is thanks to Alysophil that she was able to embark on an exciting thesis, the multi-step synthesis of odorous molecules using innovative technologies such as continuous flow chemistry.

Antoine Fournier

Research engineer, PhD in Chemistry
Concerned about environmental topics since he was old enough to understand their consequences, Antoine has always wanted to work in scientific research to develop innovative processes. During his chemistry thesis, he was able to combine research with the environment by developing eco-responsible processes based on biosourced materials and using energy-saving methods such as electrochemistry. Arriving in the summer of 2019 as a research engineer, he is working on combining continuous flow chemistry with artificial intelligence.

Jean-MArin Brunet

Project engineer and AI developer
Trained as a geologist, it is during his travels that Jean-Marin acquired a taste for challenge and adventure. Curious about everything, he believes that AI technologies are great tools for improving professions, and he joins Alysophil in 2019 to start exploiting their potential. He also coordinates the execution of projects following the precepts of the now famous Scrum methodology.

Bogdan Penkovsky

AI R&D project manager
Fascinated by the human brain and its cognitive function, Bogdan Penkovsky pursues two questions: What makes us intelligent? How can this knowledge benefit humanity? Those motivated him to explore the intriguing subject of brain-inspired photonic computing during his PhD work at the University of Burgundy Franche-Comté, France. Then, during his postdoctoral work at Paris-Saclay University in France, he has successfully demonstrated the use of in-memory computing for low-power biomedical applications. In 2020, he joined Alysophil to bring his expertise towards the eco-responsible smart chemical industry of tomorrow.


President’s advisor and co-founder
Inspired by and inspiring innovation, graduate of the IAE d’Orléans, Jacques invests in the Alysophil foundation all the lessons learned from his involvement in the valorisation process. In 1987, he organised the innovation centre on the campus of the University of Orléans and in 1998, on the basis of a Franco-Quebec cooperation, he designed the research centre for electric and hybrid vehicles in Poitiers and a technology centre for the industrial development of high-purity magnesium alloys. As an inexhaustible observer of the process of integrating breakthrough innovations into industry and the resulting difficulties, he enlightens Alysophil’s strategy alongside Philippe Robin by participating in its foundation and supporting its development.

Our principles​

Risk aversion by populations requires high level of safety and environmental protection that must be placed before any other elements in Alysophil's operations.
The relationship between people is at the heart of a group performance. This is how we must work together with empathy, respect, courage, kindness, but also demanding and fair.
Break new grounds
The core of Alysophil's mission: to innovate by proposing new molecules or new ways of producing with a positive impact on its ecosystem
Pour progresser, notre société et ses mTo progress, our company and our team will need to continuously sharpen their skills through learning. This learning will be done through feedback, technological monitoring, openness to new ideas, and attending to specific courses.embres devront continuellement aiguiser leurs compétences par l’apprentissage. Cet apprentissage se fera par des retours d’expérience, une veille technologique, une ouverture d’esprit aux nouvelles idées, le suivi de cursus spécifiques.
The key word that must guide our actions is frugality. This principle allows us to have a reduced environmental footprint while being competitive.
The search for customer satisfaction is an imperative, but even more we must be a company with which it is easy to do business
Finally, each person participating in this adventure will have to feel pleasure in the daily accomplishments.


Alysophil SAS

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