R&D work

Artificial Intelligence

Alysophil defines artificial intelligence as an extension of human intelligence. In this respect, Alysophil has carried out work that has led to the development of a tool called AlChemAI. This tool has been designed for applications in the world of chemistry. Its objective is to provide solutions at different levels of the value chain: research, modelling, production...

The applications in which this tool is already used today are as follows:
- Structure/property relationships (determination of toxicity or prediction of the odour of a new molecule)
- Molecule generation under constraints.

The ongoing development work will allow our tool to:
- Optimize manufacturing processes
- Detect anomalies
- Manage the flow production.

Alysophil's work aims to combine Artificial Intelligence with continuous manufacturing processes to increase their autonomy, safety, environmental footprint and operating costs.

Flow chemistry

Alysophil's ideas are based on the use of flow chemistry processes. Work is underway in various fields, but with a constant focus on making processes better and compatible with present and future constraints. In addition to the examples already mentioned, the R&D team in partnership with a European university laboratory is working to define new syntheses and new applications of continuous chemistry in various fields.
We can mention the following:
- The use of a biosourced raw material to synthesize molecules with higher added value
- Molecule synthesis in the cosmetic field


Alysophil focuses in the fields of personal care products because its biomimetic solutions bring many advantages, especially in the environmental impact of the production processes:
- Use of bio-sourced raw materials
- Reduction of solvent use
- Reduction of energy consumption
- Traceability
As an example, Alysophil has developed a continuous flow process for the production of Allantoin, which has been the subject of a publication .
Work for major groups in this sector has also been undertaken to demonstrate the benefits of flow chemistry.
Alysophil has developed partnerships to identify needs and propose innovative solutions in synthesis and extraction/purification.


Alysophil carries out research work in the field of flavours and fragrances with the aim of providing its partners with original fragrances. In addition to new scents, the R&D team focuses on favouring raw materials of natural origin and the definition of high-performance synthesis compatible with the implementation of production in continuous processes.

The main projects currently underway include:
- The synthesis of a new biomimetic fragrance to replace a natural one. The demand for this fragrance is increasing and nature cannot provide all the needs which generates a significant environmental impact. Alysophil aims to propose an innovative solution to this problem.
- The search for new syntheses for the production of musk.

In order to benefit from the latest scientific advances, Alysophil has set up partnerships with university laboratories for the research of syntheses and continuous processes.

Defense and space

As part of its research work for the implementation of continuous flow processes, Alysophil carries out various works in the field of intermediates for energetic materials.
Alysophil is also participating in a research program to enable the production of molecules during the next manned flights to Mars. This work is based on continuous flow technologies and artificial intelligence.


Alysophil attended at the Flow Chemistry Europe conference which took place at Cambridge (UK), in the charming setting of the Wellcome Genome Conference Centre in

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