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put a factory inside your factory


Alysophil proposal is an industrial chemistry with a low environmental impact: a continuous flow chemistry, a frugal approach and a reduced time-to-market, thanks to our Artificial Intelligence technology. A new paradigm as radical as the arrival of 3D printing in the manufacturing field.

Let’s imagine the analogy: what if, like a 3D printer, you were offered a chemical printer? What if - by the agility it can provide - our flow chemistry could move the chemical sector towards a Chemical as a Service model?

Let’s imagine the installation in your factory of a 25m2 micro-plant - the size of a shipping container - able to produce up to 3,000 tons per year?

a real opportunity for relocation or creation of key chemical activities.

Imagine a local economy, which reduces the geographical distance between producer and consumer, the temporal distance, with simplified and faster manufacturing processes. Let's talk about the relocation of the production of certain strategic molecules on our territory: Within the context of the Covid-19 crisis, at a time when the question of industrial sovereignty has become a priority, our proposal also represents a real opportunity for the relocation or creation of key chemical activities.

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